Holby City’s Alex Walkinshaw reveals Fletch is considering stealing drugs to provide for his family!

Evicted from his home, it look like Holby Citys Fletch may take drastic action to provide for his family, as Alex Walkinshaw reveals…

How has Fletch found himself in the financial mess he’s in?
“With four kids and no savings it hasn’t taken much for Fletch to find himself in a financial hole. As a proud man he hasn’t wanted to admit that he’s struggling and he’s been praying something will turn up.”

Fletch has had some support in the shape of hospital porter Clifford (Geff Francis), hasn’t he?
“He has. Clifford’s a friend – he’s a bloke’s bloke that Fletch can relate to and he’s genuinely trying to help Fletch out. Clifford has been offering Fletch different ways to try help him earn some money on the side, so that he can get out of the doldrums. But that’s not really Fletch.”

How does he feel when he and his family are evicted from their home in this weeks’ episode?
“It’s awful for Fletch, really sad. Fletch is the sort of person who cheers everyone else up when the truth is that inside he’s dying.”

Does he feel like a failure?
“Yes, massively! I’m a father myself and the one thing you want to be able to do is always provide for your family. It’s a big thing to fail your children.”

Most recently, Clifford has been trying to persuade Fletch to help him steal pharmaceutical drugs from a delivery van for cash and reminds him that the theft could solve all his problems. How does Fletch feel about being Clifford’s ‘wingman’?
“Fletch is reluctant because he’s not that kind of person. He’s a decent, honest man and doing something like that just doesn’t sit right with him.”

Later, Fletch and his family are forced to camp out in the hospital basement. Having hit rock bottom, will Fletch agree to be Clifford’s partner in crime?
“The pressure is mounting for Fletch and every door is being slammed in his face. It seems there’s only one door open to him – and that’s Clifford’s plan. It’s a massive dilemma but, in the end, Fletch knows he’ll do anything for his children.”

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