Holby City’s Camilla Arfwedson: ‘Zosia walks in on Ollie and Cara and sees everything!’

Feeling he’d been unsupportive, Holby City‘s Dr Zosia March dumped boyfriend Oliver Valentine last week. And it seems he’s already moving on, as Camilla Arfwedson reveals…

Zosia dumped Ollie last week after she discovered he’d had her taken off a case after concerns about her mental health. Is he willing to just give up on her?
“No, Ollie thinks he can just talk Zosia round. Unfortunately, it’s not long before she feels undermined by Ollie again – it seems they really can’t see eye-to-eye any more.”

Ollie tries to convince Zosia that he loves her, he made a mistake and he’ll do anything he can to fix it, but Zosia tell him once again it’s over! Why?
“Zosia feels like Ollie’s harassing her and she just needs some space, but she’s very volatile, so she flips out at him again. Now, she fears she’s lost him for good.”

Later, Zosia’s dad Guy Self (John Michie) reassures her that Ollie will be waiting. But when Zosia goes to find Ollie to patch things up, she gets an almighty shock. What happens?
“Ollie has a drunken kiss with Darwin nurse Cara at the bar and Zosia walks in and sees everything. As far as Zosia’s concerned that really is the end for them. It’s very sad.”

Do you think Ollie and Zosia work as a couple – or do you think they’re better apart?
“I do think they absolutely work as a couple, but they can also work well apart. Both characters are very melancholy; they’ve obviously both been traumatised and suffered in very different ways emotionally and they feed off each other’s anger. When Zosia’s happy, it’s lovely, but I can do lots of dark and interesting things when Zosia’s NOT happy!”

Do you think #Zollie might ever get back together?
“I think their relationship will always be bubbling away in the background. Hopefully, they’ll get back together again some time in the future.”

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