Filming has just started on HolbyBlue, an eagerly-anticipated new drama for the BBC from the Holby City stable.

The show is the first production from new company Red Planet Pictures and is co-produced by Kudos – the company behind Spooks and Hustle. The modern-day CID unit of Holby South face different challenges to your normal bobby – and are forced to tackle hard drugs, gang members, and the constant threat of terrorism.

Executive producer and writer, Tony Jordan, says: “HolbyBlue is a fresh new approach to dramatising a modern day police force that not only has to deal with hard-nosed criminals but is expected to help fight the ‘war on terror’ on home soil.”

Controller of BBC Drama Production, John Yorke, adds: “Whilst revealing a different side to the city of Holby, HolbyBlue still has the warmth and wit of the much loved Casualty and Holby City brands; the characters have to deal with the personal problems that occur in everyday life as well as keeping a cool head as they fight crime on the streets of Holby.”

The star-studded cast includes Cal Macaninch, Zoe Lucker, Sara Powell, Kacey Ainsworth, Tim Pigott-Smith and Neculai Stenga.