Greg’s job is at risk when he’s accused of becoming too close to a teen patient in this week’s Holby City. Ed MacLiam reveals more…

What is Greg’s involvement with teenager Lucy?
“Lucy came in drunk and vulnerable, Greg ended up looking after her and it become apparent to him that she was being sexually abused by her dad, who’s a GP.”

Why does Lucy’s ordeal really strike a chord with Greg?
“Greg’s never really dealt with what happened to him years ago, so he’s encouraging Lucy to tell someone so that it stops. Lucy grows close to Greg, which is very dodgy territory because it’s a relationship that shouldn’t be happening between a doctor and such a young girl.”

In next week’s episode, the case takes a dramatic turn doesn’t it?
“Yes. Lucy’s father is admitted to hospital having been stabbed and Greg soon discovers that Lucy stabbed him in self-defence as he was trying to attack her. But, as Greg urges Lucy to tell the police what happened and he’s seen consoling her, her father tries to suggest that it’s Greg who’s being intimate with Lucy.”

What happens then?
“It all gets a bit messy. When Hanssen tells Greg that someone has suggested something’s going on between him and Lucy, he remains tight-lipped at first because Lucy doesn’t want Greg to tell anyone that it’s actually her dad who’s been sexually abusing her. Greg decides to take it on the chin and leave Holby.”

Is the story resolved?
“Well, put it this way, Hanssen finds a way to trick Lucy’s father into admitting that he has been sexually abusing his daughter.”

This storyline marks your exit after two years as Holby’s Greg. Have you enjoyed your time on the show?
“Very much. It was a good environment, I had nice people to work with and the job was really rewarding. I just felt like a change. For now, I’m just back on the casting treadmill, hoping to see what comes along.”

Holby City is on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.