Holby City‘s Maria Kendall is offered surgery that could save her from paralysis – or kill her! Here, Phoebe Thomas talks about Maria’s difficult decision…

Holby City nurse Maria Kendall is devastated to learn she may be paralysed following her car accident. In Tuesday’s episode, Ric tells Maria there’s an operation that could help her walk again – but it has a 50 per cent chance of survival.

Facing a bleak future, Maria is forced to make the agonising decision of whether or not to have an operation that could kill her.

“It’s quite a selfish decision because she really does have to think of herself because potentially she could be leaving her best friend and her family and everyone behind,” says Phoebe Thomas, who plays her.

Phoebe has enjoyed getting her teeth into such a major storyline – but admits that playing a patient has its downsides.

“I just realised that these guest artists that come in and play patients literally lie down all day,” she says.

“You think that’s great, but actually it’s really hard work doing these incredibly emotional and dramatic scenes but without being able to move because you’re paralysed.”

Find out what Phoebe decides on Holby City on Tuesday September 29 at 8pm on BBC1.

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