Holby City stars Patsy Kensit, Luke Roberts and Duncan Pow spoke to whatsontv.co.uk about an upcoming episode which sees their characters travel to South Africa.

Patsy, Luke and Duncan travelled to Cape Town to film the special episode, due to be shown on BBC1 on Tuesday June 24, which sees Joseph Byrne (Luke) and Linden Cullen (Duncan) go in search of Faye Morton (Patsy) who’s in trouble.

Luke said of his character Joseph: “At the beginning of this episode, he’s torn, he’s convinced Faye’s ripped him off and left the country.

“He’s wrestling with his feelings for Faye, on the one hand, and his suspicions that she might be the black widow of his nightmares.”

Patsy added: “There’s another revelation about Faye’s life but the drive of this episode is really Linden and Joseph’s journey.”

Indeed, the episode sees Linden go on a particularly emotional journey. Duncan explained: “Linden lost his wife and he blames himself for that. The way Linden survives is to throw himself into his work and what he does at work is a form of escape for him.”

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