Holby’s Adrian: Co-stars are ‘weirdly unsociable’

Adrian Edmondson has joked that his Holby City castmates are ‘weirdly unsociable’.

Ade, who is returning to the hospital drama as maverick surgeon Abra Durant, said few of his co-stars live near the show’s studios.

“It’s a weirdly unsociable cast. Not that anyone’s unfriendly, but we work so far away in Elstree, it’s very hard to go for a drink afterwards, because everyone’s got to drive 20 miles to get home.”

However, he does get to spend time with his old university friend Paul Bradley, who plays Elliot Hope.

“Our dressing rooms are opposite each other and we go out quite a lot because we’re both quite into the same kind of music,” said Ade. “We’ve known each other since 1975 which is quite a long time.”

Ade, who has three daughters with comedienne wife Jennifer Saunders, first appeared in a one-off Holby episode in 2005 and has been back six times since then, most recently for a five-month stint that ended last October.

“I’ve had a weird deal, all the other actors are very jealous of it because they all live in constant fear that they won’t get work if they quit,” he admitted, half-joking.

“Whereas I started as a guest in one episode and here I am back for another five months. It’s just luck. I make it well known that I like it. And they obviously like Abra as well, I know the writers like writing him.”

Ade returns to Holby City from Tuesday.

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