Holby’s Alex Walkinshaw: Fletch knows there’s no such thing as a victimless crime

Holby City nurse Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher recently agreed to take part in hospital porter Clifford’s van robbery, only to pull out on the day. On Tuesday, however, Fletch realises there’s no such thing as a ‘victimless crime’ when a woman is beaten up and left fighting for life, reveals star Alex Walkinshaw

Why did Fletch initially agree to get involved in Clifford’s plan to rob a pharmaceutical delivery van?
“There’s no malice with Clifford, he just saw that Fletch was struggling financially and wanted to help him. Clifford convinced Fletch that this was a way he could provide for his kids.”

How was Fletch able to reason with himself that what he’d be doing was illegal?
“Clifford said it was a ‘victimless crime’ and that nobody would get hurt. He said that nobody would lose out except an insurance company. That’s how he justified it.”

So what then made Fletch pull out of the planned robbery at the 11th hour?
“Fletch has a solid, moral core; he’s not a criminal, but he was turning himself into one and he wasn’t comfortable with that.”

On Tuesday, events take a tragic turn when a woman is found badly beaten outside the hospital and Fletch is certain the incident is connected to the failed robbery. Why is that?
“Because there’s no such thing as a victimless crime; somebody always gets hurt, somebody always pays.”

Will Fletch feel partly responsible for what’s happened to this poor woman?
“Fletch ended up doing the right thing but, by then, he was already too far down the line. He made the right call at the wrong time, and now he has to live with that guilt.”

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