Holby’s Amanda: Connie will never give up!

Even Amanda Mealing, who plays Holby City‘s ruthless surgeon, wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Connie!

How does Connie find out about Annalese failing her drink test?

“Connie has a big operation that’s going to be filmed and Michael is supposed to be assisting her, but he doesn’t turn up. Connie is furious. She senses something’s up – she’s one of those people if she smells blood she’s in there! She’s also desperate to get Ric on something, and as soon as she susses out that Annalese is in some kind of trouble, she keeps going until she finds out the truth. Once she finds out about the failed alcohol test she knows she has Ric at last, because as Director of Surgery, he’s responsible. But in the process of trying to displace Ric, other people get hurt”

Does she feel bad about Annalese?

“She does, but she feels worse that she might lose Michael. She has to convince him to let his wife take the fall. It’s damage limitation. She understands what he’s going through, but she forces him to make that choice out of respect for him as a surgeon.”

Do you enjoy Connie’s battle scenes with Ric?

“It’s great to see a woman play the powerful political game, especially a woman like Connie who is essentially a loner – she doesn’t need to make friends and isn’t concerned about who she upsets. She’s a wily old cow – you knock her down, she gets up again.”

Do you admire Connie?

“She’s a phenomenal surgeon, you can’t take that away from her. She’ll always have someone behind her on the board because she’s so good. She’s absolutely driven. It’s great to see a woman in this position who can play men at their own game!”

What’s the response to Connie from viewers?

“Almost every woman who comes up to me loves Connie. Of course, she’s great if she’s on your side, but you wouldn’t want to come up against her!”

Is she anything like you?

“No – I think some viewers are disappointed when they meet me, because I’m such a softy. I have scruffy hair and wear wellies, I look nothing like her!

And I have a life outside work, which I treasure. With Connie, it’s all about work and nothing else!”

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