Maverick anaesthetist Jesse Law returns to Holby this Tuesday on BBC1. But actor Don Gilet, who plays him, hopes he keeps things professional this time…

Jesse Law fled Holby earlier this year after CEO Guy Self discovered his old friend had been seeing his daughter Zosia – and punched him! He’s certainly a brave boy coming back…

“Look… things should never have ended the way they did between Guy and Jesse, who certainly feels there’s some unfinished business there. Jesse’s not there for a fight, he’s come back to remind everyone he’s good at his job.”

Jesse’s been hired by Jac Naylor as the new consultant anaesthetist on Darwin. How do Guy and Jesse react to seeing each other?

“Well, it’s fair to say it’s cold at first but Guy knows that when it comes to work there aren’t many people who can do things the way Jesse does. They know that they both have to put any personal differences aside for the good of the hospital.”

On his first day back, Jesse ends up working closely with Mo. What does he like about her personally and professionally?

“Jesse was Guy’s wingman and he has that same spark with Mo, they just click. Mo is wary of Jesse at first, but it’s good when there’s friction because it means Jesse has to work at smoothing that out, so that he can be trusted.”

Mo wants to perform experimental surgery on a patient. How does Jesse help when Mo has a crisis of confidence in theatre?

“Jesse’s been a risk-taker all his life and he’s learned a lot about himself from having his resolve tested. He basically coaxes Mo into asking the same thing of herself… Has she got the mettle?”

Does this make Mo more determined to save the patient’s life?

“Yes. Jesse thinks you can spend too much time questioning things and not acting and there isn’t time for that when people’s lives are at risk. He thinks that sometimes you’ve got to make a decision and just go for it… and he’s encouraging Mo to do the same.”

Later, Jesse suggests he and Mo should team up. But can he keep things strictly professional?

“We’ve already seen the trouble he can get into if he takes his mind off the job. He’d be well advised to not go steaming in and getting involved with another woman!”