Rafi’s got his eye on Greg after Hanssen warned that he’s the person keeping Sahira at Holby – and he gets annoyed when Greg gets too close for comfort, as Ed MacLiam, who plays Greg, reveals…

Does Greg have any idea that Sahira’s husband, Rafi, is onto him?
“Greg’s totally unaware of what Hanssen’s said, but he’s slightly wary of Rafi and steps back a bit. But while Greg tries to maintain a professional distance from Sahira, he still can’t deny how he feels.”

Does Rafi notice them together?
“Every time Greg and Sahira are together Rafi sees them and, each time, Greg is being very tactile to Sahira. It’s only little looks they give each other and, at times, their hands touch, but Rafi reads a lot into it.”

Greg and Sahira have kissed in the past – does Rafi have something to worry about?
“I think Sahira’s in denial and she has to suppress what she feels about him. She’s just trying to block those feelings out.”

Rafi gets very angry when, at the end of the day, he finds Greg consoling Sahira…
“When Rafi sees Greg on a hospital bed consoling Sahira, he just lashes out and punches him. I needed a stunt double as I was on crutches for a real knee injury – and you can’t have a man on crutches being hit!”

What does this mean for the future of Greg’s relationship with Rafi and, of course, Sahira?
“Rafi and Greg always seemed to get on, but after this incident, any friendship they had diminishes. Greg feels slightly chastened by the whole affair so he just steps back from the situation… and Sahira.”

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