Holby’s Guy: ‘Hanssen has a strange vulnerability’

Hanssen speaks out against the NHS next week, giving fans the chance to see another side to the Holby City boss, as Guy Henry reveals…

Hanssen’s been feeling the heat since the death of Richie Mooney, hasn’t he?

“After Richie’s death, the situation escalated and Hanssen was taken hostage by Richie’s son. Hanssen was rattled and, being a man of firm views, he began to see another point of view and started to question the way things were handled by Holby.”

Hanssen made a TV apology over Richie’s death – and he makes another passionate speech to the press this week, doesn’t he?

“Yes. Hanssen questions the way decisions are made within the NHS. It’s mainly to do with money, or the lack of it, and how that affects the needs of the hospital. This leads him to make some extremely bold and very public statements and decisions about the problems at the hospital and admitting to culpability.”

In expressing his views about the NHS, Hanssen reveals another side to his personality. Are you pleased about this?

“Well, there’s only so much looming in corridors and being sarcastic that you can do without boring everyone – including oneself! People will realise that Hanssen is not just a moustache-twirling villain; he’s not just black and white, there’s a strange vulnerability to Hanssen that makes him more interesting.”

Holby continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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