Ric and Michael’s hostile relationship reaches a turning point in next week’s Holby City when Ric is forced to tell his nemesis he has cancer.

Michael has been on a path of self-destruction since learning that Ric has been seeing his estranged wife Annalese.

Meanwhile, Ric has been trying to remain focused on work despite having been diagnosed with cancer.

“There’s an interesting episode where you see the two of them, in their own different ways, spiralling downwards, Ric with his cancer and Michael with his drug-taking,” revealed Hugh Quarshie, who plays Ric.

And, according to Hugh, things become very strained between the pair.

He said: “Ric finds out that Michael’s been operating while under the influence of drugs… Ric pulls rank on him and it’s nose to nose at one point.”

Holby City can be seen on Tuesday August 24 and Wednesday August 25 at 8pm on BBC1

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