Holby’s Jing: ‘Tara decides to live a little!’

Jing Lusi reveals that Holby City‘s junior doctor has finally had enough!

At the start of this week’s episode, Tara’s very keen for Jac to look at her research project, isn’t she?

“Desperately! Tara’s biting at Jac’s heels and won’t let go! Jac is the epitome of success as far as Tara’s concerned, so she’s eagerly trying to get into Jac’s good books so that she signs off her research for tomorrow’s deadline. But everything comes at a price with Jac, who says she’ll only look at the research if Tara treats a patient.”

But it seems Tara can’t do right for doing wrong, when she tries to help patient Melina…

“Melina’s come to Holby after having a blackout. Tara suspects she has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) because she keeps trying to leave the ward to check her car doors are locked. To try and get Melina to stay in her bed, Tara makes a video of herself checking the locked doors to show to Melina… but Jac catches her in the car park and she’s furious!”

Later, Hanssen wants to bring Tara’s brain tumour scan forward, but Jac blocks his request for ‘mentoring time’ with Tara. Is this because she fears he sees Tara as his new protege?

“Yes! Unbeknownst to Jac, her dealings with Hanssen have nothing to do with her trying to ‘muscle in’ on him. If anything, Tara’s trying to keep Hanssen away, so that if her symptoms progress, he’s not hassling her to have tests.”

Jac then tells Tara they can improve her research after work but Tara’s planned a night out with Ollie. What does she do?

“Ollie begs Tara not to let him down like she always does. Tara has been trying to convince Melina that nothing bad will happen if she doesn’t check her car, so when Ollie says nothing bad will happen if she misses the research deadline, this strikes a chord with Tara.”

What finally gives Tara the courage to stand up to Jac?

“When Tara suggests Melina has ‘broken-heart syndrome’, Jac says her diagnosis is lazy and that’s when Tara realises she’ll never win. Tara politely tells Jac she’ll gladly miss the deadline if she refuses to sign off her research and decides to go and have fun with Ollie instead. Ollie’s made Tara realise she needs to start living a little.”

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1

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