Holby’s John Michie: ‘It’s fun for me to go from killing people to saving people’

Former Coronation Street star John Michie joins BBC1’s Holby City (Tuesday) as new CEO Guy Self – and he’s not to be messed with…

What appealed to you about playing the part of Holby’s new CEO, Guy Self?
“Well, my mum’s a nurse, my sister’s a nurse, and I’ve always wanted to play a doctor! Plus, I found the idea of Guy being a neurosurgeon and CEO of the hospital just too exciting. I thought, this character sounds fabulous – I definitely want a piece of this!”

Can you describe Guy – what’s he like?
“He’s very ambitious, a little bit arrogant – but I’ve been told the only people more arrogant than brain surgeons are heart surgeons. Guy arrives at the hospital with some emotional turmoil; he’s had a family tragedy, lost his job, hit the bottle and had a few affairs. He sees Holby as his big comeback – and probably his last chance.”

In next week’s episode, Guy’s forced to perform brain surgery on a girl injured in a roof collapse…
“Guy’s a brilliant neurosurgeon but, due to his problems, he hasn’t picked up a scalpel and operated on anyone for eight months, then suddenly he finds himself in a situation where he has to. So he’s in at the deep end straight away but, to him, it’s the ultimate test. He wants people to see him in a difficult situation and winning, which he does.”

What’s the dynamic like between Guy and Serena? After all, he’s got the job she wanted…
“It’s clear to Guy that Serena has a problem with him being the new CEO, but he’s quick to put her in her place and literally pushes her out of her office straight away. You can expect sparks to fly between these two in the weeks ahead – Guy wants Serena to know who’s boss!”

What’s Guy’s grand plan for Holby?
“Guy’s absolutely determined to make Holby City one of the leading hospitals in the NHS and world famous for neurology. He enjoys playing power games and wants to show people he’s going to run Holby the way he wants to and that nothing – and no one – is going to stop him.”

Guy sounds ruthless, but is he as dangerous as Karl Munro, the character you recently played in Coronation Street?
“Ha, ha! I hope not, because the last time you saw Karl Munro in a hospital, he killed someone! It’s fun for me to go from killing people to saving people – and Guy’s definitely all about saving lives.”


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