Holby’s Michael Thomson confesses Jonny knows he’s fighting a losing battle

Holby City‘s Michael Thomson says viewers are in for a surprise as his character, nurse Jonny Maconie, prepares to battle Jac in court for Emma…

Why is Jonny fighting Jac for custody of their baby?
“After Jonny’s fiancee Bonnie was hit by a truck and killed on their wedding day, he was feeling both grief and anger, and the only thing left in his life that meant anything to him was Emma. Jac’s destructive streak was in full flow and Jonny felt the only way he could protect Emma from becoming like Jac was to remove her from Jac’s care.”

Couldn’t Jac and Jonny have found a way to avoid this legal battle?
“Well, they did discuss mediation, but then Jac discovered he’d moved her terminally ill mother Paula in to live with him. Jac thinks Paula’s evil, so any sort of peace-making went out of the window, and now they’re locked in this bitter custody battle. It’s not exactly how Jonny wanted things to go but it’s too late now – he has to see it through.”

Does Jonny fancy his chances on the day of the hearing?
“He knows he’s fighting a losing battle, not least because he’ll be a single dad and mothers are usually treated more favourably by the courts. Even with the £20,000 Paula gave him to fight the case, he knows he’s on a hiding to nowhere and is convinced Jac will win.”

Last week, Emma briefly went missing, as Jac had no proper childcare in place. Will Jonny use this incident to prove Jac’s an unfit mother?
“It’s not in Jonny’s nature to play dirty – that’s Jac game – but this is the one thing he has to use as a weapon against Jac, to establish her negligence as a parent. Jonny’s mantra all along has been that he’ll do whatever it takes to get Emma back – and now it’s all or nothing!”

What else can we expect from their battle?
“Throughout the episode, things get very uncomfortable for both Jac and Jonny. There’s lots of head-to-head arguing, tears all round and Paula being as manipulative as ever. I think viewers will be surprised by the outcome, though… it’s really heartbreaking, but in an unpredictable way!”

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.