Holby’s Michael Thomson: ‘Words aren’t enough for Bonnie any more’

Jonny’s forced to take drastic action this week’s Holby City to prove his love for girlfriend Bonnie, as Michael Thomson reveals… 

Jonny’s certainly been juggling a lot recently: promotion, baby Emma coming home, not to mention his complicated love life. How’s he dealing with it all?
“Jonny doesn’t always manage things perhaps as well as he should do. He’s trying to do the right thing in terms of his career, the right thing by Jac, the mother of his child and also, within that, he’s trying not to neglect his girlfriend, Bonnie. All these things are pulling Jonny in different directions and he’s not always able to strike the right balance.”

Does Bonnie feel threatened by Jac?
“Bonnie’s had to take something of a back seat the entire time she’s been with Jonny. All the way through Jac’s pregnancy and Emma’s birth she was aware she was being shut out, as Jonny was naturally distracted. But it still seems Jac is trying to block Bonnie out of the whole situation, which is now really starting to grate on her.”

Bonnie continues to feel sidelined, especially when Jonny fails to back her up in front of Jac, and eventually she flips, doesn’t she?
“Yes, she does. Basically, Bonnie refuses to come second in Jonny’s life any more. This puts Jonny in a position where he has to work out what Bonnie means to him and how he’s going to prove it to her.”

So, what does Jonny do?
“Well, Jonny’s a great talker – when he’s on form he can charm the birds from the trees. But Bonnie’s a smart girl; she knows what she’s worth and words aren’t enough. Jonny can’t bear the thought of losing Bonnie so, in his own idiotic way to show how serious he is about her, he proposes!”

Crikey! Do you think we’ll be hearing wedding bells very soon?
“Jonny’s life has been stressful enough lately – I certainly don’t think he saw marriage in his immediate future!”