Holby’s Nadine on Maddy’s attack (VIDEO)

Holby City‘s Maddy Young is horrifically stabbed at the end of Tuesday night’s episode – and actress Nadine Lewington admitted she found the scenes tough to master.

Nadine, who has played trainee registrar in the BBC medical drama since 2007, said she wanted the attack to look convincing but worried about over-acting.

She told whatsontv.co.uk: “The stabbing sequence was really hard to pin down. There’s going to be real grimacing going on but with TV it always looks too much and you have to really tone it down.

“It was really interesting to try and get that sense of ‘Oh my god, this really hurts’ with the shock and the pain – but also without being too expressive.”

Holby City is on BBC One at 8pm.

CLICK below to watch Nadine talking about Maddy’s attack

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