Holby’s Rob: ‘I’m a lot cooler than Arthur!’

Arthur Digby has just been crowned Holby City’s best junior doctor – but can he handle the pressure? Rob Ostlere reveals more…

Arthur’s basking in the glow of winning the coveted F1 prize, but he’s still nervous. Arthur’s always had a ‘clumsiness’ about him, hasn’t he?
“Yeah! Arthur is quite clumsy and I’m actually quite clumsy myself so I’d walk into things on set and the director would say: ‘That’s great for the scene, we’ll keep that in’.”

Arthur’s particularly nervous as he treats Daniel, a medical student with stomach pains, and Chantelle offers some words of encouragement…
“Arthur and Chantelle have become like partners in crime since he arrived at Holby. Arthur’s good with the knowledge side of being a doctor, but not so good at actually dealing with patients, whereas Chantelle is. They complement each other’s strengths.”

Chantelle suggests Daniel might be vulnerable, but Arthur dismisses her fears. Then they find Daniel sitting on a window ledge about to jump and Chantelle leaves Arthur to talk him down while she gets help. How does that affect Arthur?
“Well, it’s not an ideal situation if you’re not that comfortable with people. Arthur can barely handle normal situations – even talking to Chantelle he struggles with sometimes – so he finds this extreme situation really difficult. It brings out all his anxieties.”

Later, Chantelle finds Arthur in the toilets having a panic attack, doesn’t she?
“Yes! Those panic attack scenes were really challenging and scary to film.”

Why does Arthur want to be a doctor so badly, if he finds the job so difficult to handle?
“Although Arthur lacks any social skills, he knows that being a doctor is something he can be the best at. But trying to be a good doctor puts even more pressure on him. He’s a bit of a disaster really!”

How do you feel about being one of Holby‘s newest recruits?
“I’ve loved it. I’ve felt so welcomed by everyone and we’ve bonded really quickly.”

Have you been recognised out and about?
“Not in public, really. I don’t wear my glasses and I don’t have my hair like this. I’m a lot cooler than Arthur in real life!”

Holby City continues on Tuesday at 8pm on BBC1

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