Holby’s Tina: ‘Chrissie could break Sacha’s heart’

As Chrissie and Sacha prepare to tie the knot in Holby City, bride-to-be Chrissie is having second thoughts, as actress Tina Hobley reveals…

Every bride wants a lavish wedding day, don’t they?

“Not Chrissie. She’s afraid of anything big; she wants a very small affair while Sacha wants everything big and bold, she wants them to just run off and get married quickly in a registry office.”

Is it just the big wedding she’s afraid of – or the enormity of getting married?

“Chrissie thinks she’s marrying Sacha for all the right reasons. Sacha adores her, he adores their son Daniel, so she’s decided that’s going to be enough for her. But, deep down, she’s not convinced she’s marrying the right person.”

Chrissie confides her doubts in Malick, doesn’t she?

“Yes. She actually thinks she can’t go through with the wedding and, for the whole of the episode, we’re led to believe she’s not going to go through with it, she’s going to call things off.”

There’s little time for Chrissie to ponder though, as Chantelle hears about the wedding and whisks Chrissie off for a surprise hen party she’s organised…

“Chantelle very sweetly organises everything, but it’s Chrissie’s worst nightmare! Chrissie really didn’t want any fuss; she wanted her wedding to go under the radar. But Chantelle’s organised this party and Chrissie buys into it… for a while at least.”

Chrissie leaves her hen night to go and find Sacha, when she bumps into Jac. What happens then?

“Chrissie runs into Jac in the car park. Jac realises Chrissie’s having doubts and tells Chrissie that if anyone deserves to be happy more than anyone she’s ever met, it’s Sacha, and that’s something that really resonates with Chrissie. She knows Sacha’s a decent, lovely man and that she’ll break his heart if she doesn’t go through with the wedding.”

Do you hope that Sacha and Chrissie will get to live happily ever after?

“I enjoy working with Bob Barrett, who plays Sacha, and I’ve enjoyed the whole storyline, but I really hope they don’t make Chrissie live happy ever after. There’s no such thing as happy ever after on TV, is there?”

Holby continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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