Hugh Quarshie reveals Ric’s plot against Thandie

Hugh Quarshie discusses his character Ric’s vendetta against estranged wife Thandie in Holby City, screening on BBC One on Tuesday, February 2…

Why does Ric have it in for Thandie?

“All the lies she told last time she was around, the accusations of racial discrimination – things like that aren’t easily forgotten. He thinks she’s a terrible person. There’s no love lost between them.”

How does he feel about her working at Holby as a locum?

“He can’t wait to see the back of her. Or rather, he can’t wait for her to mess up so he’s proved right about her.”

This week Thandie applies for a permanent job at the hospital – what is his reaction?

“It’s the last thing he wants. He hatches a plan to get rid of her pretty quickly.”

What does he do?

“He befriends the hospital’s board director, Cunningham, and hopes to influence him against Thandie.”

Eventually he realises he might have got Thandie wrong – how does such a big change of heart occur?

“In the end I think Ric realises that he’s been letting his emotions get in the way of his work. Thandie correctly diagnoses a patient and it impresses him. He’s underestimated her as a doctor.”

What’s next for Ric? He’s not been happy for a long time!

“No he hasn’t. There’s the return of the powerhouse that is Connie Beauchamp to look forward to. Together those two are quite a force to be reckoned with, so I’m looking forward to that.”