Jaye Jacobs: ‘Why I’ve quit Holby’

Jaye Jacobs on why she’s leaving Holby City…

After seven years of playing Donna, why leave now?

“I just wanted to broaden my horizons. Holby is great but I wanted to feel like there’s something else going on. There is a new era starting and I’m not part of it. After seven years it’s time to go.”

Did you ever expect to stay so long?

“No! I feel like I grew up on the show. I was 21 when I joined. I don’t feel like I’ve had much of a life while I’ve been on the show – in bed at 10, up at 5, for 50 weeks a year. I need to lift my head out of the water and see what’s going on.”

How does Donna leave Holby?

“She doesn’t go down a lift shaft but there are no plans to go back any time soon. We had a lot of discussions about how she should go and how people on the street want to see her leave. The feedback I have had over the years is the exit she gets. She might, just might, get a happy ending!”

What have been your highlights from your time on the show?

“Trolly dashes, rushing around the BBC carpark. People being sick on me. Sex scenes in toilets, snogs. Doing things you’d never normally do in your life!”

What’s next for you?

“I’d love to be Doctor Who. Not has assistant – The Doctor! It’s time to have a female doctor of colour! Plus, I’d like to prove I could play someone more middle class.”

Holby City continues on Tuesday at 8pm on BBC1