Joseph’s cracking up!

Holby City‘s Luke Roberts explains how the allegations against Faye are taking their toll on Joseph…

Is there any doubt in Joseph’s mind about Faye’s innocence?

“He’s doing what he is programmed to do, which is to defend her honour and clear her name. He doesn’t truly believe that she caused Archie’s death, but there is always a small quantity of doubt, because she’s not very forthcoming about what happened and she does have a history. He’s trying to find out why Archie died, mainly to exonerate her but also to put his own mind at ease – so he doesn’t think he’s married a murderer!”

He’s not totally innocent in all this himself, is he?

“Well, Joseph is the one who gets off scot-free, but he’s actually the person who told the lie. Faye acted on the spur of the moment with the bag of saline, and then he dragged Ric and Connie into it. It turned out badly for Faye, because covering something up sort of incriminates you. Now they’re all suspended and Joseph has been promoted, which I find quite amusing.”

How does he set about discovering the truth?

“He breaks all the rules and, indeed, the law. Now he’s a consultant, he’s able to access all parts of the hospital, so he goes to the mortuary and gets the autopsy results and the pathology. He basically lies, bribes and steals his way to the information. He’s turned into some kind of secret agent, which is great fun because I get to play detective.”

Joseph’s already a fragile personality. How’s he coping with the pressure?

“Well, it’s an awful situation to be in – everyone looking at you and your wife with accusing eyes – not to mention the burden of grief. Joseph starts to become a little unhinged, and treats people in a way that’s uncharacteristic. For instance, he goes after Lauren in quite a vicious way. Also his OCD kicks in and he starts to scrub his hands again – he’s really in a mess.”

What effect is this all having on Joseph and Faye’s relationship?

“Joseph needs to keep himself busy because he’s getting no love at home. While he’s busy trying to get everything back to how it should be, she’s got no interest in him. It’s quite sad really because he’s trying to do everything for his woman. Faye is so morose and steeped in her own grief that she’s got no time for her husband, who is doing that classic boy thing by trying to fix everything. But ultimately it’s unfixable.”

Faye and Joseph haven’t exactly been blessed with good fortune, have they?

“They’re both boomed characters – and subconsciously, perhaps that’s what draws them together. She’s had an awful life and lost all her husbands – or killed them. He’s lost his brother, and Jac has ruined his life. They’re complex people and their relationship is disastrous!”

Are you still enjoying playing Joseph?

“Absolutely! It’s nice to play someone deeply disturbed and troubled, because it provides endless opportunities for new ways of behaving. Holby City is so action-packed and I’m lucky to be spearheading a great storyline at the moment.”