Actress Ayesha Antoine is heading to the wards of Holby City.

Ayesha will play new nurse Rachel, who she says is ‘a young nurse, just qualified, so she’s obviously quite nervous, but very excited. She loves her job, caring for people and being helpful’.

The actress, who has appeared in The Bill, Doctor Who and Grange Hill, continued: “She is at the beginning of a new stage in her life, and it’s quite an upturn for her, and she’s just very interested in getting to know everyone and is excited at being part of a group.”

Ayesha added that although she was relishing her latest role, she found her first day on set difficult. She said it was ‘very nerve-wracking. I sweated a lot, but Holby is renowned for being a sickeningly lovely place to work.

“You can take that for granted. My first few jobs, everyone was lovely and you think that’s how it’s going to be. Then you do a few more and grow up a bit and realise no, that’s a rarity, especially on something as massive as Holby. It’s huge, but everyone’s very pleasant, but also funny and warm.”

The 28-year-old actress said she did feel daunted by the prospect of joining such an established show.

“It could be very intimidating. It’s not as if it’s very new; it’s not that old, but it does feel as though it’s been there for a while, so it can be very overwhelming.

“But it can be quite exciting at the same time because all you’ve got to do really is concentrate on what you’re contributing towards it.”