Guy Henry joins the cast of BBC1’s Holby City as new Director of Surgery Henrik Hanssen…

Henrik’s going to ruffle some feathers at Holby, isn’t he?
“He’s not afraid of making enemies for sure. He loves to be Machiavellian. The first thing he does on arrival is announce that there are going to be job cuts.”

He has quite a sparky relationship with Connie, doesn’t he?
“Yes, but there’s no romance between them. I think they both have the ‘god complex’ of being extraordinary people who are very arrogant at times. He has a great passion for what he does and he goads people to go out of their depth.”

What’s it like joining such an established show as Holby?
“Scary! I was a bit worried that the cast might hate me! In a time of change, quite a few people are leaving, mostly by choice, but yes, you don’t know. Thankfully they’ve all been lovely. And working with Robert Powell – Jesus Christ himself. We call him ‘JC’ on set. He’s someone I’ve always admired.”

The show is going ‘HD’ the week you arrive – is that a new pressure on you all?
“The make up department are very pedantic. They are always coming over and making sure there’s not a hair out of place now. Every single prop has to be absolutely accurate, it’s all so visible now.”

Did you do any research or training for the part, prior to filming?
“I followed a surgeon around at a North London hospital, which was great. The prosthetics we use are fantastically realistic, but thankfully I’m not squeamish!”