Tina Hobley: ‘Chrissie’s ready for a baby’ (VIDEO)

Just as Holby City‘s Chrissie Williams learns she’s pregnant, she tragically loses the baby. But, as Tina Hobley explains, this is just the beginning of Chrissie’s quest to become a mum…

When Chrissie Williams first got involved with hot new doctor Oliver Valentine, it was only meant to be a bit of harmless fun – she certainly never wanted to get pregnant!

“She’s happy but surprised and shocked and slightly worried about what she’s going to do,” reveals Tina, who plays the ward sister in the BBC medical drama.

“But as she didn’t think she could get pregnant after the loss of baby Amanda, she’s delighted and feels she’s ready to have a baby.”

But when Chrissie decides to tell Oliver that he’s the father, tragedy strikes and Chrissie suffers a miscarriage.

“It doesn’t last very long this pregnancy but Chrissie’s delighted that now she knows she can get pregnant,” says Tina, who recently announced that she herself is expecting her third child.

“Chrissie’s very matter-of-fact that, even though it hasn’t worked out this time, perhaps there are other ways of having a baby…”

Watch the drama unfold for Chrissie on Holby City on Tuesday October 6 at 8pm on BBC1.

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