Tina Hobley on Chrissie’s baby

Holby City’s man-eating nurse is pregnant – and so is actress Tina Hobley…

Firstly – congratulations on your own pregnancy!

“Thanks! My second daughter, Olivia, is only eight months old, so I’m going to be busy when this one comes along. My eldest, Isabelle, is thrilled. I think she thinks it means she gets to look after one of the babies all to herself.”

And Chrissie’s pregnant too – that’s a bit of a shock, isn’t it?

“After the terrible stuff that happened with her baby who died five years ago, she never thought she could get pregnant again. It’s a huge shock. It’s a double-edged sword. She’s happy but at the same time Ollie, the father, isn’t ‘the one’.”

She can’t imagine bringing up a baby with him?

“No! Their fling had just cooled off and she was fine with that – it was only a bit of fun. She never planned on settling down with him.”

How does she discover that she’s pregnant?

“She thinks she is hung-over after going out for her birthday drinks. It’s only later in the day that we see her in the toilets with a tester kit. It’s completely unexpected.”

What do you think of the storyline?

“Well I think she deserves a baby. I actually think she’d be a great single mum; I’d love it if that’s where the storyline takes her.”

So there’s no future with Ollie?

“I don’t think so. I think Chrissie decides that she can do this on her own; she doesn’t need him.”

With your own pregnancy, does this mean you’ll be taking time off from the show?

“Eventually. But not too much. I’d like to work all the way through the pregnancy if I can. I don’t mind working while I’m pregnant – I haven’t really experienced any sickness so far.”

You have no plans to quit Holby then?

“No – I want to stay as long as they’ll have me. I’ll be right back after this baby’s born. I think it’s good for my girls to see their mum go out to work. It gives the right message to them.”