New mum Tina Hobley tells us all about Chrissie’s premature labour and gives us a sneak peek at her character’s departure…

Chrissie goes into labour early this week – she must be petrified!
“She’s quite calm to start off with, it’s her dad Mark and the baby’s father, Sacha, that are panicking. But when the seriousness of the situation hits home, she starts to get nervous about the birth.”

What was it like filming the birth scenes when you yourself were heavily pregnant?
“It was like a little dress rehearsal! No, it was fine. A bit strange but I was quite relaxed – I got to lie in bed all day.”

The baby is thankfully delivered safely – are you glad Chrissie’s finally got the child she always wanted?
“Yes, after her last baby [Amanda] died and then the miscarriage, I think she’s due some happiness. The whole story with Sacha has been a really fun plot for me. And then next week we meet Sacha’s family, which is hysterical!”

Is that Chrissie’s last episode?
“Yes, I am leaving for four months for my own maternity leave [Tina gave birth to her son Orson last month]. The way she’s written out is quite nice and as Sacha is still hanging around in the show we’ll get lots of Chrissie references along the way.”

What will you be doing with your time off?
“Motherhood! Taking care of all three of my kids. My eldest, Isabella is nearly 11 now so she needs lots of attention and special time together. Thankfully my mum is great and she’ll be helping out with childcare.”

Do you intend to return to the show?
“Yes, I love being on Holby. I like the fact I play all Chrissie’s high drama and then get to go home to my nice, normal life at home with my husband and kids.”

*Holby City screens on BBC One on Tuesday evening