Tom Chambers discusses Holby’s love story (VIDEO)

Tom Chambers has spoken about his Christmas storyline in Holby City, which also marks his exit from the show.

In Maria’s Christmas Carol, Tom’s character Sam Strachan is forced to choose between his relationship with nurse Maria Kendall (Phoebe Thomas) and a new life in America with his newfound son Kieron, who has also been romancing Maria.

Speaking exclusively to, Tom said: “It’s a love story where two hearts come together and you realise that that girl you’ve been working with for such a long time is the love of your life and all of a sudden it all goes wrong and falls apart.”

While Sam is considering his future, Maria is being given a glimpse of what her future could be like if she and Tom stay together and hide the truth from Kieron.

Phoebe said of the Christmas episode: “I think a lot of people will be able to empathise with that whole idea of falling in love with the wrong person at the wrong time and the self-sacrifice that so many people have to accept at Christmas time.”

Holby’s Christmas episode coincides with Tom’s departure from the medical drama.

And Tom revealed it wasn’t an easy decision to leave the show after two years of playing dashing doc, Sam.

“It was a very tough decision to leave,” he said. “I could stay there forever, and that’s my problem. That’s why I had to go.”

VIDEO: Watch Tom Chambers and Phoebe Thomas talk about Holby’s Christmas episode

Watch Tom Chambers and Phoebe Thomas talk about Holby’s Christmas episode

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