A devastating explosion rips through Hollyoaks High!

Lives are left hanging in the balance when Hollyoaks High is hit by a terrifying explosion...

There are terrifying and life-changing consequences when a devastating explosion rips through Hollyoaks High.

The drama unfolds when a seething Mac confronts his girlfriend Neeta at school over her relationship with  pupil, Hunter. As the pair start rowing a jealous Mac drags her into the school boiler room, where  he’s overcome with rage when she shows him a picture of her and her young lover.

Unable to contain his fury, Mac lashes out and hits a gas pipe before snatching the picture from her hands and setting light to it!

However his actions prove fatal when the gas catches fire and a HUGE explosion rocks the school where pupils and parents have gathered for a special prize-giving ceremony.

As the building becomes engulfed with flames and walls start to crack and crumble who will get out alive and who will be left fighting for their life?