Is Goldie about to rumble Peri’s fake pregnancy in Hollyoaks?

She's back in Hollyoaks but is she about to discover Peri's whopping baby lie?

Goldie is back in town but she’s furious when she discovers the mess that her son Prince has got into when she learns that Peri is expecting his baby.

The McQueen mum, who has been on the run ever since taking the blame for the robbery at the Lovedays, wants to know exactly what’s been going on while she’s been away but is she about to rumble that Peri is faking her pregnancy to keep a grip on Prince? Uh oh! [check out the latest Hollyoaks storylines].

Meanwhile Jesse is delighted to see Goldie back in town but is panicking about his rapidly-approaching court date for smuggling drugs into the UK!

What will she say when he suggests the pair of them go on the run together? Will she be fleeing Chester after only just arriving?