Liam takes Esther hostage in Hollyoaks!

Liam sets out to hurt Grace by kidnapping Esther and demanding a huge ransom for her return.

There’s horror for Esther who gets caught up in Liam’s revenge plan in Hollyoaks. In a bid to hit Grace where it hurts, he kidnaps Esther, locks her in a container, then demands £50K from Grace! Will she be able to pay up?

Nancy faces her fears about MS by attending a support group. There, she’s taken aback to bump into her first ever boyfriend, Kyle, who also has the condition. Feeling a spark for her first love, she lies to Darren about Kyle’s relationship status. Will the guilt-ridden wife become unstuck when Darren invites Kyle round for lunch?

Scott is agonising about tracking down his biological mum. He’s devastated when Lynette gives him a letter from his birth mum saying she doesn’t want him to come looking for her. Refusing to give up, he follows a lead and meets a lady called Greta. Will she be able to put Scott out of his misery, or make matters worse?