A decent proposal for Hollyoaks’ Louise?

Louise Summers is thrilled when Warren proposes – but actress Roxanne McKee worries what will happen when she finds out it was him who killed Sean!

How does Louise feel when the police ask her to identify a body they think is Sean’s?

“It’s a tricky situation for her. She’s moved on and is emotionally involved with Warren yet she was married to Sean and there was a time when she loved him.”

And is the body Sean’s?

“No. Louise is relieved in a way but she is also desperate for the mystery of Sean’s disappearance to be cleared up so she can get on with her life. She can’t move forward. She’s still married to Sean and she can’t file for divorce from a missing person.”

What does Louise think has happened to Sean?

“Louise always knew that Sean was a gangster and very dodgy. To be honest, this was something that attracted her to him in the first place – she likes bad boys. Deep down she probably thinks he’s been murdered.”

We know Warren has killed Sean. Does Louise suspect he’s involved in Sean’s disappearance?

“Now this is something the producers and I disagree on. Louise isn’t supposed to have any idea but I can’t believe she’d be that naïve. If you run with gangsters then you’re likely to know how gangsters operate. I feel she’s refusing to consider that Warren has anything to do with it… and that’s not good for their relationship.”

Is she genuinely in love with Warren?

“She told him she loved him when he was on trial for pushing Claire off the balcony and she more than meant it.”

What about Calvin?

“She tried to be the kind of person Calvin wanted her be – but she couldn’t. She has a past, she’s a ganster’s moll basically. Calvin made her feel safe and protected and she liked that but she can only really be herself with Warren.”

Warren proposes… Was Louise expecting that?

“It happens out the blue after they discover the body isn’t Sean’s. Katy tells Warren that he has to confess to Louise that he killed Sean and he tells Lousie he has something to say to her… then he asks her to marry him!”

And what’s her answer?

“Yes! I believe Louise and Warren are meant to be together and so does she.”

But what if he ever confesses he killed Sean?

“She knows that Warren would have done it because of her. So she’d feel incredibly guilty and that there was blood on her hands too. But I don’t think she’d be able to stay away from him. I think she’d stand by him and keep his secret.”

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