A quick chat with Jamie Lomas and Chris Fountain

Hollyoaks’ big fire is here and Hollyoaks stars Chris Fountain and Jamie Lomas give Soaplife their last interviews as Justin and Warren…

Chris Fountain tells his story

Hannah gets caught up in Clare’s revenge and the Loft blaze. Is it Justin’s fault?

“In a way… He assures Hannah he won’t get involved with Warren again – then she finds out he is and decides to go looking for him at the Loft.”

Why did Justin go back on his word to her?

“Justin wants to get Warren off his back. Warren’s also offering him a hefty wedge to be involved. It’s the prospect of this money that makes Justin agree. He figures it’ll allow him and Hannah to really make a fresh start away from everything.”

Does Justin manage to save Hannah in the blaze?

“That’s a bit of a secret. I don’t want to give away what happens.”

Okay then… Does Justin survive the fire?

“Oh all right… I’ll admit he does. But I’m definitely not saying what happens after that. I want to keep it as a surprise as there are loads of questions that are finally answered in the aftermath of the fire. It’s a massive episode with loads of issues coming to the fore and fingers being pointed all over the place.”

We all know you’re leaving Hollyoaks, Chris. Do you go

out with a bang?

“I’d say so. I’m very happy with the way I’m being written out. I’m not just fizzling out or moving away somewhere. But that’s all you’re going to get out of me on the way Justin makes his exit!”

Will you miss Hollyoaks?

“I’ve been here five-and-a-half years. I’ve grown up on Hollyoaks but I felt I’d reached a kind of crossroads. It was this or stay on and let my character lose his edge.”

Does the future scare you?

“A bit because I’ve had such security on Hollyoaks. Some people have said I’m crazy to leave because it’s such a fantastic job. And it is… but I’m young and I have a real passion to make movies or really big dramas.”

What about another soap?

“Maybe a few years down the line I’d consider another soap but not yet. Right now I’m doing Hollyoaks in the week then Dancing On Ice at the weekends. I’m knackered!”

Jamie Lomas tells his story

How does Warren feel when he sees Clare’s back?

“It’s a bit the other way round. She sneaks up on him in the Loft and hits him over the head before he sees her.”

Is he badly hurt?

“He comes round to find himself blindfolded and tied up. He’s dazed and confused and he assumes Calvin’s responsible and shouts out threats to him. As his blindfold is removed he’s shocked to discover Clare’s his attacker.”

Why is she after him?

“Clare tells Warren it’s Justin she actually wants and demands he

get him over to the Loft. Warren assumes she’ll let him go once

Justin arrives, but Clare soon puts him straight by dousing the place with petrol.”

Instead Calvin turns up…

“Sasha’s found out Warren was just using her and Calvin’s furious with Warren for getting his sister in such a state. He comes looking for Warren and walks in on the scene.”

But he doesn’t save Warren, does he?

“For a moment it looks like he will. But then he looks at Warren, the man he hates so much, tied up and suddenly changes his mind so he leaves the Loft… with Warren screaming for his help.”

Who’s in the Loft when the fire starts? Is Justin there?

“No… but Hannah thinks he is and she’s there looking for him. When she arrives Clare attacks her thinking it’s Justin.”

What happens when Clare realises it’s not Justin?

“She loses it and strikes a match when she sees her plan is falling

to pieces. Hannah tries to stop her but the match falls and the fire spreads quickly.”

Then Justin arrives. Does he save them?

“Through the flames and the smoke Justin spots Hannah’s body. He ignores Warren’s plea to save him… then the floor caves in!”

Could it be that Warren ends up dying a hero?

“I’d love it. Warren’s the guy everyone loves to hate. He’s done some terrible things but then the next minute you think, ‘Oh he’s not so bad after all.’ Fact is, though, he is…”

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