Fearing her own daughter Nico will try to kill her again, Sienna plans to leave Hollyoaks with secret lover Trevor. But will she get away? Anna Passey fears not, as she tells Soaplife…

Sienna’s first plan is to get Nico to confess to Carly’s murder so she can get help, right?

“Yes. She arranges a lunch and she asks Nico to go over what happened when Carly died. Trevor has convinced Sienna that the confession is the only way to get Nico [Persephone Swales-Dawson] the help she needs.”

But the plan fails. So then what?

“Sienna decides it would be best for everybody if she left the village. Trevor [Greg Wood] empties the safe and gets all this money and, although they don’t have a plan, they’re going to leave together.”

What does Sienna say when Nico finds her packing?

“Nico asks her where she’s going and she lies and says she’s joined a new gym.”

Is she worried about what will happen to Nico?

“She is, but she feels sure she’ll be safe with Ben [Ben Richards].”

How does Sienna feel about Ben?

“I’m not sure they ever had a great relationship. He was perfect on paper, but Sienna was always quite bored with him. Since his daughter Carly [Sophie Wise] was killed by Nico, their relationship’s been a big cover-up operation and Sienna knows it can never last.”

What’s her worst case scenario concerning Nico?

“Sienna’s convinced Nico’s dangerous and she’ll eventually kill her if she doesn’t act now. She’s already stabbed her and left her for dead. Sienna thinks she won’t walk away if there’s a next time.”

But leaving with Trevor? Really?

“When they first suggested Sienna was going to fall for Trevor, I couldn’t believe it. I’d never have put them together, but it works so well. They’re both outsiders, neither demands much from the other and they don’t feel the need to hide anything. It’s ended up being a sweet relationship between two oddballs.”

How does she feel about Trevor taking Curtis with him?

“That’s a bit of a sticking point, but Trevor doesn’t want to leave Curtis behind. He plans to return to Hollyoaks at some point to fight Grace [Tamara Wall] over his right to see him.”

Will they make it out of the together?

“Well, this is Hollyoaks and, most of the time, you’re not allowed to escape. There might be a few things that happen along the way that make it difficult. If Sienna’s forced to stay, things won’t be able to carry on as they are. There is definitely a lot of drama ahead.”

Hollyoaks, C4