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Anna Passey: Nico’s death in Hollyoaks is the ‘biggest mum fail ever’ (VIDEO)

Star Anna Passey says that, despite her wicked past, Nico Blake's death on Hollyoaks was 'really sad'

Hollyoaks star Anna Passey wonders if viewers will belatedly feel sympathy for serial killer Nico after she died in the funfair maze blaze.

Anna, who played Nico’s mother Sienna, told What’s on TV everyone was waiting for Nico’s comeuppance, but ‘at the end of the day it’s a kid, and it’s a mum’.

“I still had a glimmer of hope that is it fixable? Is she fixable? I wonder how the audience will react to it?” said Anna.

“I think [Nico’s death was] just about as horrific as it could be. She can’t save her daughter on the day… It’s about the biggest mum fail in the world. But to know nothing got resolved, nothing got fixed. [She] went out in such horrific terms I just think it’s absolutely heartbreaking.”

Anna revealed that boyfriend Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) becomes the target for her fury.

“I think Sienna has so much guilt, so much remorse, it’s not possible to cope with how she feels,” she said. “She’s let her down in the final instance of not getting her out of the maze, but she’s let her down enough along the way that this point in time has only happened because of Sienna’s failings as a mum and what Patrick did.

“I think she puts it all onto herself, and can’t cope, then puts it all onto Warren. She’s so angry with [him] for saving the wrong person, in her eyes, then everything is going to go his way. All of the anger, all of the hatred, it’s all going in your face!”

Watch the interview with Hollyoaks’ Anna Passey and Jamie Lomas, above.


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