Hollyoaks star Anna Passey says spending all day at work being awful to people has made her a ‘nicer person in real life’.

Anna plays Sienna Blake in the Channel 4 soap and, at various times, has tried to steal another’s identity, kiss her twin brother, fake pregancies, kidnap children and brutally assault rivals. All in a day’s work on a soap…

But has Anna located her inner villain? “Massively, and I think it’s made me a nicer person in real life because I spend most of my time being awful to people here and outside of work life I find myself just being much nicer to people. I get all my anger out at work! It’s therapy AND work,” she told What’s on TV.

“She’s a baddie, she does terrible things. But I think she’s a really interesting villain because she’s not black and white at all. She has a crazy way of going about things, but for the most part she believes what she’s doing is for the best… She’s also a really sad and vulnerable character and also you have to give her a break when you look at her father and her mother, and the upbringing she had, it’s not really a surprise the way she’s turned out as she has!”

Anna is nominated as Villain of the Year at the British Soap Awards. You can vote for her and Hollyoaks here.

Watch our chat with Hollyoaks’ Anna Passey (Sienna Blake):