Hollyoaks’ Anna Passey: ‘Sienna clobbers Joel just as he’s about to tell Warren everything!’

Sienna has second thoughts about getting revenge on Warren Fox by using his son, Joel. But then events spiral out of control, Anna Passey tells Soaplife…

Sienna Blake is grief-stricken in the wake of losing daughter Nico during Hollyoaks’ Halloween inferno. Rather than deal with it like a normal person, though, she’s embarked upon another evil vendetta with Warren Fox as her target.

But, when his son, Joel, twigs domestically abused parishioner Anna and Warren’s girlfriend Sienna are one and the same, she panics and puts the young priest’s life in danger, reveals star Anna Passey.

Why is Sienna hell-bent on revenge against Warren?
“She’s distracting herself from the grief by pinning all the blame for Nico’s death on Warren. She isn’t prepared to look at what really happened.”

Why does she change her mind about hurting Warren?
“She wants him to feel the pain she’s experiencing. But he starts to talk about his dead sister, Katy, and she remembers he’s lost someone, too. When Sienna sees how upset he gets, she thinks maybe he’s a good guy after all and he doesn’t quite deserve this.”

Does she consider calling her whole twisted plan off?
“She does, but Warren invites Joel round to show him the religious paraphernalia that Sienna’s supposedly been sent by her mystery stalker. Joel recognises the rosary beads as those he gave to ‘Anna’ and he realises something is up. Sienna’s hiding in the bedroom at the time, thinking she may have to lash out and run.”

Can’t Sienna have a word with Joel and put him off the scent?
“She tries to. She tells Joel they don’t need to meet any more because she’s trying to sort things out with her partner, Mark. But, at that point, Joel knows she’s really Sienna and he says ‘I think we have a problem…’ Sienna asks Warren to leave Hollyoaks with her, but he wants to stay for Joel’s sake.”

What happens next?
“Joel runs off to tell his dad everything, so Sienna grabs his bicycle helmet and clobbers him with it. She’s near the garage so she drags him in. She has a moment to think about what she’s going to do next and then it all goes horribly wrong. She’s cursing herself because, at this point, she really wants to repair things with Warren and for Joel to get lost.”

How much danger is Joel in?
“Sienna isn’t a cold-blooded killer like Warren, but she does these awful things and yes, Joel’s life is in danger.”


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