Hollyoaks‘ Stephen Beard reveals Archie’s greed could be the death of Zak… and him!

Archie gets kidnapped by a guy called Ged. Who is Ged?
“At first Archie and the gang think he’s a policeman but then he reveals the money they found in Warren’s loft is his and he wants it back.”

But they don’t want to return it, right?
“They decide to take the money and leave Hollyoaks. They plan to each take their share and go their separate ways when they’re clear of Chester. Archie goes off to source a getaway car from a mate… but he doesn’t come back.”

How do the others find out that Ged’s holding Archie hostage?
“Ged calls to tell them that either he gets the money or Archie’s a goner. Then he sends them a picture message of Archie bound, gagged and bloodied.”

Do the others think twice about doing as Ged wants?
“Elliot wants to go to the police and Zak wants to do a runner but Kris takes the money and control and they head off for the ransom exchange. Zak brings the money in… and that’s when things go really wrong.”

In what way?
“Just as Ged has freed Archie and Zak is about to hand over the money, Kris rushes in, grabs the bag and runs for it. As Ged runs after Kris, he bashes into Zak who falls and badly injures his head. So Kris is on the run while Elliot and Archie are left with an unconscious Zak.”

Is Zak hurt badly enough to die if he doesn’t get help?
“Archie’s terrified he is. And wracked with guilt that it’s all his fault…”

How can it be his fault?
“That’s the twist. Archie confesses to Elliot that the kidnap was a set-up, that he was in on it with Ged to scam the money away from them. He’s so relieved when Zak eventually comes round.”

But now Kris is in danger from Ged…
“Kris is at Nancy’s and he’s about to go to the police when Elliot and Zak contact him and tell him what Archie did. They race to Nancy’s too but Archie’s ostracised and on his own. And that’s when Ged kidnaps him for real.”

Will the others care about saving Archie now?
“Kris and Zak don’t even believe Ged when he makes contact the second time. But Elliot does and though Archie might not deserve it, they all go to the roof where Ged is threatening to throw him over the edge.”

Would he really do it?
“If it wasn’t for Kris’ quick thinking I think he would. When he realises Ged means business, Kris throws the money into the wind off the roof and Ged lets go of Archie and rushes down after it.”

So the money’s all gone?
“It is, but Archie ends up losing a lot more than just his share of the cash. He’s betrayed his mates and he’s lost them too…”