Louise‘s drinking has pushed Warren into the arms of Mandy but their affair is becoming uncontrollable, warns Hollyoaks‘ Jamie Lomas…

What made Warren cheat?
“He’s monumentally attracted to Mandy – and it’s mutual. There’s this crazy passion there and they just can’t keep their hands off each other.”

Does Louise’s recent behaviour have anything to do with it?
“It has everything to do with it. Her constant boozing has practically pushed Warren into Mandy’s arms.”

And yet when he tries to end it with Louise, he dumps Mandy instead!
“Louise begs him not to break up with her and he glimpses the old Louise he fell in love with. She’s the love of his life but she’s been in a dark place over what happened to Sean and he’s finding it hard to deal with.”

How does Mandy take the news he’s staying with Louise?
“She tells him she agrees with the decision, but you can see she’s lying.”

Then he changes his mind… Why?
“Cindy winds Louise up about Warren and Mandy being a bit too friendly and Louise snaps at him about Sean’s death. Warren’s had enough and heads to Mandy, but she tells him he needs to make his mind up about who he really wants.”

And who does he choose?
“Warren goes back to Louise but she’s drunk again and acting vile towards him. It’s the final straw and he sets off to find Mandy…”

How serious is Warren about Mandy?
“It‘s not just sex for Warren. As for Mandy, she wants Warren to belong to her and not Louise. She wants that more than anything.”

Who is most in control of things?
“Warren likes to feel he’s in control of every situation he’s involved in. He’s at his weakest when he’s not. He feels he’s in control of what’s happening, but he’s not at all. In fact it’s all going to ricochet totally out of control.”