Ashley: ‘Darren decides to man up and be a dad’

Hollyoaks Ashley Taylor Dawson tells Soaplife Darren’s illicit affair comes back to haunt him when Suzanne gives birth to his twins…

Darren’s fling with Suzanne seems ages ago. Does he even think of her these days?

“The last Darren heard Suzanne was living in Spain and it was just a short-lived fling so, no, he’s not given her much thought. As for ages ago… when she turns up with a huge baby bump it’s obvious it was nine months ago.”

It’s not immediately obvious to Darren that he’s the dad though…

“He can’t miss the fact she’s pregnant, but he just thinks things have worked out for her and Nev. When she says Nev’s not the father, he thinks she’s been a bit of a goer.”

And what does he think when she tells him he’s the dad?

“She says, ‘It’s twins and they’re yours.’ At first he doesn’t believe her and he thinks it’s a wind-up.”

Does he believe her when she tells him she’s deadly serious?

“Yes. The dates match up. It’s a huge shock. But when she threatens to go back to Spain he realises it’s not what he wants and he stops her. He decides to man up and be a dad to his kids.”

What about Nancy? They’ve only just got engaged when Suzanne rocks up…

“That wasn’t meant to happen either. He likes Nancy, but it’s far too early to be talking marriage.”

So how come he proposes?

“Darren’s chatting to Nancy at Lee’s wedding, asking her questions like would she ever get married. She turns round and says ‘Are you asking me to marry you?’ He’s not but Jamil chips in and says it sounds like it, so Darren, scared to lose her, feels pressured into saying he is. And Nancy says yes.”

Does she still say yes now he’s about to be a dad?

“They’re just talking about him still being legally married to Hannah when this happens. But Nancy offers her support and says they can make it work.”

We hear he actually delivers his own babies… What happens?

“It’s all very dramatic. It happens at the grand opening of Look Sharpe, the new gym and spa. It’s very funny. Suzanne’s waters break, she goes into labour and basically Darren delivers their twins. He actually deals with it quite well.”

Can he really be a dad to the twins and be happy with Nancy?

“He thinks he can, but he lives in soapland so there’s a big chance it could go wrong!”