Ashley explains how Darren goes from hero to zero!

Hollyoaks’ Ashley Taylor-Dawson reveals why Darren lets Jake take the credit when he saves Holly’s life…

Hannah’s moved in with Darren after a row with her family… How’s it going?

“He’s struggling to cope with ‘married’ life and Hannah is frustrated by his laziness. Steph reminds Darren she’s fragile and needs taking care of.”

Is that why Darren pops into The Dog to see her when he’s babysitting Tom?

“Neville’s asked Darren to keep an eye on Hannah as he’s worried about her. Darren treats Tom to lunch and Hannah joins them. Darren notices she’s drinking heavily.”

Does he try to stop her?

“He questions her and she snaps she’s just having fun. Secretly she’s depressed and having a relapse, but instead of an eating disorder she’s turning to drink for now.”

While Darren’s distracted by Hannah, Tom’s in danger. How?

“He drinks a leftover cocktail he finds on a table and ends up rushed to hospital with alcohol poisoning. Tom’s okay but Steph’s furious with Darren and he’s gutted. He’s been desperately trying to prove he’s not useless and it’s a huge setback.”

Then Neville sacks Darren… Doesn’t Hannah speak up for him?

“She doesn’t want her dad to know she’s drinking so she says Darren was distracted because she was ill. It helps a bit and Neville gives him a job collecting glasses.”

And then he messes up again…

“Darren persuades Neville to let him organise a festive family day, but the Christmas lights are faulty. He persuades Jake to help fix them and Holly gets electrocuted…”

Is she badly hurt?

“She nearly dies. Darren saves her life with mouth-to-mouth. Then everyone starts to blame Jake for the accident so Darren goes into saint mode and says Jake saved Holly.”

Why? Don’t he and Jake hate each other?

“Jake is like Darren in a way. He means well but everyone hates him. And Darren knows how that feels. It’s very uncharacteristic but Darren is softening up.”

So Darren’s a secret hero but everyone think he’s a loser again?

“Absolutely. He sacks himself from The Dog and his family look at him like he’s filth. He turns to Hannah. They’re like a married couple but without the sex. They need each other to lean on.”

Could Darren be falling for Hannah?

“I could see him falling in love with her…”

Will he be involved in Hannah’s big exit next year?

“He will be involved but I’m not giving away how it’s all going to end.”

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