Calvin proposes to Carmel… twice!

Proposing once – good. Proposing twice just might not get Hollyoaks’ Calvin Valentine the answer he wants, reveals Ricky Whittle! Calvin and Carmel are an unlikely couple… yet it works. Why? “Calvin’s relationship with his ex, Louise, was very intense and unhappy for much of the time. It’s different with Carmel. Like Calvin she’s had bad relationships in the past and they’ve bonded over this. They’re both family oriented, morally sound people and they’re good together.” Would you say he was serious about her? “He’s just enjoying the moment right now. That’s not to say he isn’t serious about her because he is but they’ve only been together for six months and they’re both very young.” So how come Calvin proposes? “Ah… that’s an accident!” How does that happen? “Carmel has just been accepted as a Police Community Support Officer and Calvin’s bought her a tiny silver whistle with ‘Partners in Crime’ engraved on it. They’re walking along the street when he drops the whistle in its little box. When Carmel turns around he’s on one knee with a small box in his hand. And she thinks he’s proposing? “She screams, ‘Yes, Calvin. Yes. I will marry you.’ What does Calvin do? “He’s dumbfounded. He doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know how to tell her it’s not a proposal. So he tells Louise instead and she tells Carmel! “Niall works his evil magic and persuades Louise it’s the right thing to do… and Carmel is heartbroken.” Where does that leave the relationship? “Over as far as Carmel’s concerned. She tells him he ruined the happiest day of her life and she can’t be with him anymore. He’s devastated.” Is there any way Calvin can win her back? “He tries to tell her that though the proposal was a mistake it doesn’t change how he feels about her but she’s too upset.” We hear his sister Sasha of all people has the answer… “She tells him that if he wants Carmel back he has to propose properly.” And does he? “He rushes off and buys a ring then gets down on one knee and asks Carmel to marry him – for real this time.” Does she say yes again? “That would ruin the surprise!” But does Calvin even really want to marry Carmel? “He doesn’t know what he wants – except that he doesn’t want to lose Carmel.”