Calvin will get even with Warren if it kills him swears Hollyoaks’ star Ricky Whittle…

Why is it taking Calvin so long to get his revenge on Warren?
“Things keep going wrong for him…”

So what’s his next move?
“He puts an idea to his boss Mark which could mean Warren finally gets his comeuppance.”

What’s the plan?
“A drugs raid. Mark gives him 24 hours to set it up and Calvin’s desperate for it to go right.”

Does he pull it off?
“Calvin’s sick with nerves when he turns up at The Loft ahead of the raid. When CID burst in, Warren plays it cool and nothing is found… much to his relief and Calvin’s shock. Mark’s furious and threatens to get Calvin back for making a fool of him.”

So what happened to the drugs?
“Sasha saw the police watching The Loft, found the drugs and took them to save Warren going to prison… but Calvin doesn’t know that.”

He must be gutted it’s all gone wrong?
“He is, but then he thinks it might be a good thing he hasn’t got Warren on a relatively minor offence. He wants to get him on something really big.”

What’s he thinking?
“Calvin wants him to be done for something extremely serious and serve life.”

Like murder for instance?
“Like murder. Calvin has no idea Warren killed Louise. He suspected something and did a bit of investigating, but when the trail ran cold he presumed she must have gone abroad or something. But Sean’s a different matter.”

Does Calvin know Warren killed Sean?
“Calvin’s instinct tells him it’s most likely Warren was responsible for Sean’s death.”

How will he get Warren to confess?
“He’ll try to get Warren to confide in him as a friend. Calvin intends to tape the conversation on a hidden police ‘wire’.”

Does Calvin think he can pull it off?
“Absolutely. He’s not scared of Warren… not now he knows he didn’t kill Nige.”

What will happen if Warren susses him out?
“Well, he’s already killed twice and could easily do so again. I’ll let you into a secret…”

We love secrets…
“Warren does find out what Calvin’s up to… and the outcome is explosive!”

Watch the episode on Channel 4 on Thursday, April 30 at 6.30pm

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