When Calvin finds out he didn’t really kill Nige he plans a fate worse than death for Warren, reveals Hollyoaks star Ricky Whittle.

How does Calvin find out Nige isn’t dead after all?
“He and Carmel are out for the day. They get back to the car after a romantic walk and are just about to set off to a country pub for dinner when someone familiar catches Calvin’s eye in the car park. He turns on the headlights and can’t believe what he’s seeing… it’s Nige.”

Does Calvin talk to him?
“No, Nige runs off. Calvin knows it was him and is simply trying to make sense of it… Did Warren unwittingly bury Nige when he was still alive? Or has Warren been conning Calvin all this time?”

There must be a sense of relief that he’s not a killer after all…
“Any sense of relief he may have is weighed down by the realisation that Warren’s been deceiving him. He leaves a very confused Carmel in the car and vanishes.”

Does he go after Warren?
“Not yet. He eventually goes home to Carmel. She, not Warren, is his priority at this point and he tells her everything.”

How does she react?
“With absolute horror. She can’t believe her Calvin might have been a murderer, plus he’s lied to her for months and turned into a bent copper. It breaks her heart and she doesn‘t want anything to do with him.”

Does Calvin confront Warren after he’s confessed to Carmel?
“He’s got another plan. He decides instead of giving Warren what for he’s going to play a longer, more clever game. He’ll pretend to Warren that nothing’s changed, lull him into a false sense of security, get some evidence on him – then send him away for a very long time.”

What about Carmel though? Does Calvin confide in her?
“She says she’ll give him another chance but only on the understanding he has nothing more to do with Warren. Instead of telling her what he has planned he agrees.”

And it all goes wrong…
“Carmel sees Calvin doing a deal with Warren and totally misunderstands. He tries to explain his plan to set Warren up but she’s had enough and walks out for good.”

Warren’s been secretly fooling around with Sasha. What if Calvin finds out about that too?
“It will be the icing on the revenge cake if Calvin ever learns about that. Instinctively he’ll want to kill Warren… But I think he’ll still manage to keep himself in check. He’ll stay cool then suddenly pounce – a bit like a cat with a mouse.”

Will Calvin also find out about Warren murdering Sean and Louise?
“That may well happen. He wants to get as much as he can on Warren. Once upon a time Calvin was scared of Warren but now he’s got the upper hand, while Warren’s blissfully ignorant about what’s going on.”

Will Calvin ever go back to being the good cop he once was?
“Thanks to Warren that Calvin’s gone for good. He’s become too corrupted and too cynical. He used to think you’d be all right if you did the right thing.”

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