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Hollyoaks’ Cameron Moore wants credit for offing Nico… But doubts he’ll get it! (VIDEO)

Hollyoaks actor Cameron Moore chats about why his character Cameron Campbell killed Nico Blake and how the plot will develop

Hollyoaks actor Cameron Moore would like some congratulations for his evil character Cameron Campbell causing Nico Blake’s death, but he isn’t holding his breath.

Cameron seized the opportunity to set fire to the Halloween funfair maze knowing that serial killer Nico was in there, a crime that is initially pinned on Jesse Donovan. But unbeknown to Cameron, Celine McQueen captured his act on her smart phone.

Cameron told What’s on TV: “Hopefully I’m going to get some praise, at last. Like Sam [Lomax] and Danny [Lomax] I didn’t really get much praise… Ziggy [Roscoe] I got so much stick for killing him. Lockie [Campbell] again, I got a lot of stick for that. Hopefully, Nico as a character was almost as twisted and crooked as Cameron, so I hope some people will congratulate him for that, but I doubt it.”

Cameron said that when his character Cameron does realise there’s footage of him starting the fire, it kick starts a major storyline that will dominate Hollyoaks into the New Year.

He was cagey about the exact plot development, but said: “So if you put the situation that Leela’s in at the moment into it, then it definitely revolves around that, if that makes sense… Even before Christmas there’s some pretty serious stuff, it’s a really really busy few months.”

Watch the interview with Cameron Moore, above.


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