Cindy’s back to cause mayhem in Hollyoaks

Hollyoaks’ Stephanie Waring tells Soaplife now Cindy’s a rich widow she’s going to be more trouble than ever!

What happened to her millionaire husband Alistair?

“He fell off an Alp! I don’t think she did it, but she does keep changing her story. One minute, she says they were on a skiing holiday together in Switzerland and then, she says she wasn’t there when it happened.”

Is she upset?

“Is she heck! She inherited everything and she’s absolutely loaded. This is her dream come true.”

Where is Holly?

“She’s at a boarding school in Switzerland and Cindy says she’s very happy there. I don’t think Cindy is missing her too much. She’s not being a mother at the moment; she’s on a high because she’s got all this money.”

Does she make a grand entrance?

“She sweeps in driving a flash Mercedes and wearing designer clothes – although she does get the fashion a bit wrong. It’s all bling, bling, bling. It’s Cindy with the volume turned up, if you can imagine that!”

What sort of a welcome does she get in Hollyoaks?

“Everyone is really surprised to see her, but they don’t like the attitude that she can buy anyone or anything. And things with Tony are a bit strained.”

How does she react when she finds out Darren is the father of Suzanne’s twins and engaged to Nancy?

“That’s a bit of a shock, but I don’t think feelings will come into it. She’s all about the money.”

Does she want him back?

“She’s come back with no soul, so I don’t think so. She thinks she can get anybody she wants now.”

Does she regret choosing Alistair over Darren?

“Not for a minute!”

If she decides she wants Darren, will she let Suzanne or Nancy get in her way?

“She won’t let anyone get in the way of anything she wants.”

What’s it like being back at work after having a baby?

“It’s great. I’m lucky because my baby Lexi Grace is five months old and at the moment she’s at home with her dad. Her sister Mia, who is five, is at school. In a months’ time, Lexi will be able to go to the nursery at Lime Pictures, so she’ll be with me during the day.”

What is Cindy going to do with all that money?

“She will probably spend it all because she is buying everything and anything at the moment.”

What’s in store for Cindy?

“I think Hollyoaks needs some comedy injected into it and that’s what Cindy will be bringing. The stuff I am doing is really funny and very camp.”