Claire: ‘I’m becoming the wise woman of Hollyoaks’

Hollyoaks star Claire Cooper says she’s delighted her character Jacqui McQueen has finally found a friend on the show.

The hard woman of Hollyoaks is set to form a bond with nurse Lynsey Nolan, played by Karen Hassan, when no one else will believe her claims that Silas Blissett is a serial killer.

Claire told All About Soap magazine: “I’ve waited years for Jacqui to have a friend on the show, and I really enjoy working with Karen.

“Jacqui seems to be turning into the wise woman of the village, and it’s extremely refreshing. I’m finding playing her really interesting at the moment.”

Lynsey realised Silas was the killer after he attacked her and she escaped, but he has now framed Brendan Brady for Rae Wilson’s murder, clearing his name for now.

Jacqui relates to what Lynsey is going through after she claimed Gilly had date-raped her, but he was found not guilty by a jury.

Claire said: “Lynsey really supported Jacqui through the rape trial and she actually believed Jacqui was telling the truth.

“Jacqui can relate to what Lynsey’s going through with Silas, in the sense that no one believes what Lynsey’s saying, so the pair of them build up a great friendship.”

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