Claire: Jacqui was never a ‘Hollyoaks babe’

Claire Cooper has said she doesn’t think her character Jacqui McQueen was ever a Hollyoaks ‘babe’.

The 33-year-old actress has just bowed out of the soap after seven years playing the chavy ex-con Jacqui, and told fans in a live question and answer session on Twitter what it meant to her to be a McQueen.

Claire said: “Hollyoaks is known for its babes, but I wouldn’t class Jacqui as a ‘babe’. The McQueens brought something different.”

The soap star is very different to tough girl Jacqui in real life, but admitted she would miss her accent.

Claire confessed: “To be honest, I love talking in Jacqui’s accent. It’s like turning on a switch. Low, growling. It’s fun!”

The actress was only signed up to appear in the soap for three months at first, before she ended up staying for seven years.

Of her first day on set she recalled: “I got a sweaty upper lip. I had so much fake tan on and was so nervous. I had mixed feelings!”

Claire revealed Jacqui’s ‘yellow hoodie’ was one of her favourite costumes, adding: “I look like a hooligan in it.” But Claire is happy to leave her signature gold hoop earrings behind.