Dan O’Connor reveals odd fan invite

Hollyoaks star Daniel O’Connor has revealed that a fan once complained to soap bosses after she invited him to stay at her house – and he failed to reply.

The 33-year-old Australian actor, who plays Ally Gorman in the show, told Inside Soap magazine that the unlikely invite came when he was still playing Ned Parker in Neighbours.

“When I was on Neighbours there was this woman from Britain who used to send me packages with things like wristbands and a cassette called ‘PS I Love You’,” he said.

“I found out later that she’d written a complaint letter to the production office, saying that I hadn’t responded to her invitation to come and see her and stay on her new settee in her bungalow!”

“I did send her a signed fan card eventually, and said thanks for all the gifts.”

Daniel, who joined Hollyoaks in January, also admitted that he is missing life in Australia – particularly the beaches and the weather.

“When I lived in Sydney I was about half an hour from the beach so we were there pretty much every weekend,” he revealed. “It’s the done thing Down Under.”

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